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Best web hosting for small business

Szerző: , 2016.04.01.

Establishing a presence online for many businesses is a key part in their overall marketing strategy. A website can help any small business get themselves off the ground, creating brand awareness, and giving new scope to an audience that they wouldn’t normally be able to reach because of the restrictions of not being online. However, one misconception is that web hosting is expensive and this usually puts small businesses off launching their own site. The truth is that hosting companies such as InMotion and SiteGround provide quality hosting plans at rock bottom prices, but yes, there are also expensive web hosting solutions out there, so this is where you need to be savvy when shopping around for the best deals.

Best web hosting for startups

Szerző: , 2016.03.27.

One key area for startups is getting themselves onto the Internet in some form or another, building a presence and allowing their brand and product to be seen by the masses. More often than not they want something that they can put together quickly and that is why so many startups choose the path of complete hosting solutions.Startup Stock Photos

Best web hosting for students and teachers

Szerző: , 2016.03.20.

When it comes to hosting and managing a website it’s a key fundamental part that research is done prior to committing yourself to a lengthy contract with a company, who are offering their hosting solutions at an expensive fee. Today, there are hundreds of web hosting companies on the Internet claiming to offer the best features, the best prices and the best functionality but not all web hosting platforms are made equal.Students

Best web hosting for eCommerce

Szerző: , 2016.03.10.

One of the very first things that you will need to decide when selecting an eCommerce web host is the type of platform you are going to use. There are two main hosting types, a hosted option and a self-hosted option, and each come with their own benefits. FastComet in particular provide excellent features for eCommerce stores on hosted platforms whilst the likes of InMotion are known for their flawless eCommerce plugins. The hosted options are always the best solution if you are a novice or simply don’t have the time to manage a separate web host, and that is simply because you are given everything you need to setup your eCommerce store under one roof.


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